Welcome to my Blog – About ASD

I have wanted to write a blog for a while now but always felt I didn’t have the right subject or enough time, but since my son was diagnosed with an Autism spectrum disorder I have found a subject I am passionate about and have lots of useful information to share about.

What is my blog for?

I feel strongly about the benefits of sharing information and I have spent many hours on other people’s blogs listening to their experiences to help me with mine.  I want to share with you everything I have learnt about autism so far and the things that have helped us.

I hope to share practical information on how I have gone about implementing things like PECs (Picture Exchange Communication System) and help to get  through paperwork like the DLA (Disability living Allowance) form and the EHCP (Education Health and Care Plan). My son is non-verbal so I will write about speech and language and the different phases of PECs, different therapies or resources we have looked at and tried such as Attention Autism and Social Stories, also sensory activities and messy play which both boys love although I hate cleaning up afterwards.

The first thing I added is a glossary to explain all the acronyms and terms relating to autism in young children.


I am not an expert and every child is different, I can only share what has worked for us and hope that it is informative and useful to others getting to grips with autism in young children.  I have also learnt with my son that what works one day may not the next, so having a lot of information and things up your sleeves makes a huge difference.  I really want to provide some support for parents and others out there working with children with ASD.

Who am I?

I am a 35 year old married mum of two boys, the youngest is 2 months and the eldest is 4 and a half. We live in the West Country between Bristol and Bath having moved here ten years ago, I love food and I am constantly on a diet or eating too much cake, I also love travelling but with two little ones that hardly happens now so it is lots of day trips instead. I stay home with the boys in the day and work part time at a local supermarket in the evenings.