Mega List: 100 Books for under 5’s

100 books for under 5's

I want to share with you our favourite 100 books for under 5’s. I have two boys under 5 and books play a big role in our house. I love reading to the boys as part of their bedtime routine.  My 2 year old is a huge Gruffalo fan and we had a great time making our own Gruffalo wood the other day. My four year old is autistic and his current special interest is books, so we have a lot of books.  I am going to share our favourite ones with you.  From baby books all the way to great books for pre-schoolers.  Hopefully you can find something new to try with your little ones. Don’t forget to tell us your favourite in the comments too.

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Inspirational ways to get reading with your child

Gruffalo mouse

Are you looking for tips on reading with your child?  I am going to share my favourite ways to share books with my kids.

As a child I enjoyed reading and I expected it to be easy to read to my kids.  I did lots of reading when to him when he was a baby, however as soon as he was on the move he had no interest in sitting and listening to me!

My son is autistic and as a toddler it was very difficult to get his attention.  I kept at it and would try to read with him most days. Often my son would take the book away from me or close it. I found this really hard as I was desperate to engage with him and it was something he really struggled to do.

I have since found lots of ways to make reading a book more exciting and here I will give you some of my favourite ideas and tips.

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Meaningful ways to help to manage challenging behaviour right now!

Toy trains

Does your child hit, kick, bite, scream?  Does your child have sleeping or eating problems? It is really difficult to manage challenging behaviour and young children are very good at testing us.  Persistent challenging behaviour can be very stressful for everyone involved.  It is also very easy to get upset and angry and not deal with a situation in the way you would have liked.  Children are still learning how to express themselves and it is really normal for them to push boundaries. Continue reading “Meaningful ways to help to manage challenging behaviour right now!”

The Ultimate Holiday in Cornwall. 10 Things You Must Do!

Mawgan Porth Beach holiday in Cornwall

I have just had a brilliant holiday in Cornwall with the extended family.  The weather was great and made for a very different holiday to the rainy weeks we usually have.

1) Padstow

Padstow has a stunning harbour.   It is the perfect place for crabbing and getting some fish and chips.  You can get the ferry across the river to Rock or a boat trip along the coast.  Two of our party had a great trip with Padstow Sealife Safaris  and got to see some baby dolphins.  The National Lobster Hatchery is a small centre (a bit of a pain to get the buggy round) with lots of information.  It is full of lobsters at each growth stage so an interesting place to visit. Continue reading “The Ultimate Holiday in Cornwall. 10 Things You Must Do!”

Education Health and Care Plan (EHCP), what is it all about?

Education health and care plan

I was advised to get my son’s Education Health and Care Plan (EHCP) started early.  This was great advice, we put the request in a few months after his autism diagnosis at 2.5 years old. I had heard lots of stories of people being turned down so was quite daunted by the process.  Thankfully my son’s EHCP was granted and  it all went well for us.  It took a while but the process was clear and we felt supported throughout.  The recommendations within the plan gave us and his Pre-School things we could focus on.

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Using visual aids to support an individual’s understanding

visual aids

Visual aids and social stories really have made a huge difference in our house.  The first few times I used them with my autistic son I felt like it was a waste of time and he didn’t understand.  I have learnt over time that just because my son doesn’t respond to something doesn’t mean he hasn’t understood it.  Also that I needed to be patient.  My non verbal son is able to fully understand what we are doing / where we are going and what he needs to do thanks to visual aids. Continue reading “Using visual aids to support an individual’s understanding”

Applying for DLA for an autistic child

DLA forms

So you are thinking about or need to apply for Disability Living Allowance (DLA).  It is a mammoth form and a very daunting task, no one wants to list out everything that their child struggles with on a government form.

When my son was first diagnosed as autistic we were told to apply for DLA, if I’m honest I was very uncomfortable with this.  Why was I uncomfortable? Well I thought I was doing that same as most parents with young children and although some things are difficult to manage, your average toddler is particularly difficult at times.  I now realise that this benefit is there to support people with additional needs.

In this post I will provide some information about DLA, including some advice in relation to completing the form for a child with autism and some general tips for completing the form.

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