Using visual aids to support an individual’s understanding

visual aids

Visual aids and social stories really have made a huge difference in our house.  The first few times I used them with my autistic son I felt like it was a waste of time and he didn’t understand.  I have learnt over time that just because my son doesn’t respond to something doesn’t mean he hasn’t understood it.  Also that I needed to be patient.  My non verbal son is able to fully understand what we are doing / where we are going and what he needs to do thanks to visual aids. Continue reading “Using visual aids to support an individual’s understanding”

Books about Autism

Books about autism

Here is a list of some of the books about autism that I have read recently about autism that I recommend, it also includes the associate links to amazon.

My favourite so far has to be Neurotribes by Steve Silberman, it is a fascinating book full of the history of autism and the current neurodiversity movement.  It did take me a while to read but it was really worthwhile.  This book genuinely helped me to understand autism and see the real value and positives of neurodiversity.  I really would urge everyone to take the time to read this book.

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Attention Autism


Finally we had an appointment for my autistic two and a half year old to see the complex needs speech and language team.  I was pretty disappointed to hear that they wanted to work on attention not speech.  At the time I couldn’t see the bigger picture all I wanted was for my child to speak, however it is impossible to teach communication to a child that is not paying you attention so this needs to be the starting point.

My first experience of Attention Autism was not a good one, I had been invited to a speech group at the local hospital that would run for four weeks and introduce Attention Autism. Well after sitting for an hour trying to hold my totally uninterested child down while the speech therapist pulled items out of a bucket I was not impressed.  A couple of years on and my son has built some great attention skills, as with most therapies for young children with autism it is tough at first and requires tons of patience from the adults, I found this one worth it. Continue reading “Attention Autism”

Social Stories

social stories

Social Stories are a fantastic tool for you to exchange information with a child.  They can provide a great mechanism to introduce or discuss social interaction.  Developed to support children on the autistic spectrum but can be useful for all children if pitched at the correct level.

What are Social Stories?

A social story is a description, (often with visual aids) about everyday activities or events.  They detail specific information relating to a situation and what to expect.  Continue reading “Social Stories”

Our Sleep Routine

bedtime routine

Sleep is an area I have really struggled with, any new parent learns very quickly why sleep deprivation is used as a form of torture.  Autism and sleep presents its own challenges.  There are children and adults who sleep well and those who don’t, if your child is one who struggles with sleep then I feel your pain.  Unfortunately there are no magic answers to getting your child to sleep, having said that consistency and routine will help enormously along with lots of patience too.  Continue reading “Our Sleep Routine”

Top 7 Messy Play Activities


Most kids find messy play impossible to resist.  If you really can’t stand the thought of messy play in your house, do it in the garden or bathroom. If that is still too much keep an eye out for local playgroups or even messy play groups so the kids get to enjoy it but you don’t have to clean up.

Some kids will need a bit more encouragement and may need a bit of time before they want to get stuck in, some are more sensitive than others and some won’t like touching new things that feel odd while others will dive right in (literally).

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